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Candy Color Sorter

My candy color sorter allows the user to sort candy into the different colors (orange, yellow, green, brown). The machine uses the RGB frequencies to move its part different angles so that the candy can fall into the assigned color box.

Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Indu D Monta Vista High School Computer Science Incoming Sophomore

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Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 10 22 14 AM

Final Milestone

My final milestone is the increased aesthetics and accuracy of my robot. I colored the area around the skittle that the color sensor is detecting, with black so that the colored tints of the wood didn’t mess with the rgb frequencies. To make my project look better, I also painted the outside of the machine black. In addition, I also added another color to sort the skittles into- red, by modifying some of the ranges.

Milestone 3

Second Milestone

My second milestone is when I built the outside structure to hold all the wiring I did in milestone one. This includes the mechanism to bring the skittle to the color sensor, and the chute to transport the candy to the differently colored boxes. While inserting the structure, I cleaned up the connections of the wires and changed some loose connections. I also made the different colored boxes for the skittle to fall into.

Milestone 2

First Milestone

My first milestone was wiring the different parts to supply them power which includes the arduino, breadboard, color sensor, and the two servos. The other half of my milestone was for the color sorting machine to be able to print the corresponding color when shown a paper of that color, as well as move the top servo a corresponding number of degrees so that it can drop the candy into the correct color box. I coded the color sensor to read the different RGB frequencies to interpret and print the corresponding colors based on the ranges I gave for each candy color. I figured out the ranges by taking examples of different colors and taking an average of the RGB frequencies. For wiring, I used a breadboard to simplify the otherwise complicated electrical connections with the arduino and color sensor.

Milestone 1

Starter Project

My starter project was the Useless Machine. The wires connected to the battery pack carried power to the arduino in order to power the motor. The motor powered the arm to move the switch the opposite way when the user flips it. The resistors are another component on the arduino which control the amount of voltage running from the system. I enjoyed learning how to solder components to the arduino. Something I struggled with was assembly of some of the parts because the amount of precision needed.

Starter project

This is the circuit diagram for my candy color sorter! Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 2 42 52 PM

The code is attached here -> (Code written by Dejan)

Inspiration/instructions for project ->