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Music Synthesizer

Make a Magical Music Machine by building your own MIDI controller!
My audio synthesizer is a physical interface that uses MIDI (Musical Interface Digital Interface) to play sounds & ultimately make music.

Engineer High School Area of Interest Grade
Yurika St. Francis Electrical Engineering, Firmware Incoming Senior


Final Milestone

Milestone two is the hardware. To assemble the box together, I first produced a detailed and accurate mechanical drawing with dimensions. I then drilled into my enclosure using 1 inch drill bits. I filed down the sides of the holes and popped the buttons & potentiometers in. After securing the buttons and potentiometers to my enclosure, I began on wiring and soldering my circuit. I soldered wires to my buttons & potentiometers, then An Arduino Micro on a breadboard is connected to My final milestone is the increased reliability and accuracy of my robot. I ameliorated the sagging and fixed the reliability of the finger. As discussed in my second milestone, the arm sags because of weight. I put in a block of wood at the base to hold up the upper arm; this has reverberating positive effects throughout the arm. I also realized that the forearm was getting disconnected from the elbow servo’s horn because of the weight stress on the joint. Now, I make sure to constantly tighten the screws at that joint.

Final Milestone

Mechanical Drawing: Mechanical Drawing

First Milestone

Milestone one is to test the functionality of one button through wiring it to an arduino, in order to familiarize with the wiring process of the controller. I connected a wire from ground to the negative side of the breadboard, then used alligator clips to securely connect the wires to the button. I uploaded a code that turns the LED light on when the button is pressed. The next step would be to test the button’s functionality in relation to MIDI, so that pressing the button would initate a sound to be played.

First Milestone

Connecting a Push Button to an Arduino Uno with Two Wires: 687474703a2f2f723564342e636f2f696d616765732f556e6f50757368427574746f6e54776f57697265732e706e67

Starter Project

Simon Says Game is a fun game where the player attempts to replicate lighting patterns of the game. Through-hole components allowed me to easily solder on the resistor, microcontroller, capacitors, LEDs, buzzer, switches, and battery clips. I initially struggled to solder on components with accuracy, but with practice, I became very comfortable with soldering. When my game was not working due to unconnected components, I learned that it is very crucial to stay patient instead of messily rushing.

Starter Project Simon Says Game:

Starter Pic